80 Gerry's Landing Road
Cambridge, MA 02138


Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Whether you are outgoing or shy, speak what's on your mind or write about it in your journal, you can find a place at BB&N. Maye you like to go out with lots of friends or maybe you would rather spend time with one best friend. You may feel moost at home in sience lab or in an art studio,on the soccer field or in an English classroom. The only thing you need to be at BB&N is willing - willing to give everything a try, willing to be great at some- thing , willing to make lifelong friends. BB&N will ask a lot of you but it also will give just as much back. You are a complex, whole person and BB&N teachers never forget that fact. A BB&N education engages your intellectual, social, fhysical, moral, and artistic potential-often reveling abilities you never knew you possessed. Today ' s lessons are never just that. The words you write, the equations you solve, ing...At.BB&N,.you.begin..your..future...